Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with anxiety and fear? Do you find yourself fidgeting and shaking during your appointment due to nerves? Or do you avoid your routine dental visits altogether because your fear of the dentist is too overwhelming? You are not alone. Over 35% of Americans say they have dental anxiety. If you find yourself in this group, you may be a candidate for sedation dental care.

What Is Sedation Dental Care?

Sedation dental care uses medication to help anxious patients relax during a dental procedure. If you are too afraid to go to the dentist, sedation dental care will calm you just enough so that you can receive the dental care you need with minimal discomfort or anxiety. Various dental procedures use sedation, from simple tooth cleanings to fillings and dental implants.

At Center Valley Dental, we typically use sedation dentistry for:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Periodontal treatments
What Types of Sedation Dentistry Treatments Are There?

There are varying levels of sedation dental care, ranging from mild sedation to deep sedation. During most routine procedures, you will remain awake and conscious during your dental treatment, though a little foggy. In more invasive procedures, you may undergo general anesthesia, during which you are unconscious.

Here at Center Valley Dental, our team specializes in two forms of sedation dental care: oral sedation and inhalation conscious sedation.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is the most common sedation method used in dentistry because it is easy to administer and yields low side effects. Before their appointment, patients take a pill to help ease their nerves. This oral medication does not put you to sleep but instead relaxes you so that you are more comfortable and cooperative during your dental procedure. This method helps manage mild to moderate dental anxiety.

Inhalation Conscious Sedation

Inhalation sedation uses nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) to help a patient relax during their procedure. After placing a mask over your nose and breathing deeply to inhale the nitrous oxide, the laughing gas will start working in seconds. You will remain conscious during your treatment but probably will not remember much of it. All bodily functions remain normal, and you can breathe on your own.

Laughing gas wears off a little quicker than oral sedation or general anesthesia. As a result, you will be back to normal in no time and drive yourself back to work or school right after your dental appointment. This method is also available for anxious children who fear dentists.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dental Care?

There are several benefits of sedation dental care! The most important one is that you will be able to receive your dental treatment comfortably, without anxiety or fear. Your oral health is a vital indicator of your body’s overall health. By neglecting your dental care, you compromise the health of your smile and your entire body.

Another benefit is that patients do not remember much of their treatment and have little awareness of any pain. Because you are relaxed and semi-conscious, some treatments seem to take minutes (despite them lasting hours). You will have only fond memories associated with your new smile!

Finally, sedation dentistry helps our team of dentists too! Some patients who struggle with dental phobia have trouble remaining still during appointments, which can interfere with their care and sometimes double the length of treatment. But with sedation dental care, patients are calm and still. Our team can provide your treatment safely, efficiently, and accurately!

Discover Sedation Dental Care in Center Valley

Do not let fear keep you from achieving the smile of your dreams! With sedation dental care here at Center Valley Dental, our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed experience by easing your anxiety once and for all.

We encourage you to request a consultation with us. Our Lehigh Valley dentists will talk to you about the process of sedation and deliver pre- and post-sedation instructions. We also ask that you share your medication history to ensure that we offer a sedation dental care treatment safest for you.

To learn more, request an appointment. We are only minutes from Allentown and Bethlehem.