Hiding your smile because of stained, chipped, or broken teeth? You may be a candidate for porcelain veneers. Veneers can change the shape, size, and color of your smile in as little as three weeks! If the thought of a new smile makes you smile, read on to discover all there is to know about this minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are custom-made porcelain covers for your teeth. They’re a quick way to freshen up your smile permanently.

Candidates for veneers are those who have:

  • Spaces between their teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Crooked or misshapen teeth

Porcelain veneers don’t only restore the look of your smile, but they also help restore the structural integrity of teeth weakened by damage or decay.

What Are the Benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

There are several different veneers, the most popular being porcelain and composite. At Center Valley Dental, we use porcelain veneers to restore your smile. Though they may be slightly more expensive than the composite alternative, there are several great benefits of porcelain veneers:

  • They are durable and long-lasting. If cared for, veneers can last 10 to 15 years.
  • They are more stain-resistant than other options. So you won’t have to give up coffee!
  • The procedure is minimally invasive. Less tooth enamel needs to be removed compared to a crown.
  • Porcelain veneers are entirely custom and made to match the shape, size, and shade of your existing teeth.
  • Gums are more tolerant of porcelain than other materials. This is great for individuals who may have allergic reactions to different composites.
  • Most importantly, porcelain veneers are natural-looking! A translucent finish is added to the veneers so they can reflect light similarly to your natural teeth.
What Is the Process for Veneers?

The process for porcelain veneers is simple and takes as little as two to three visits!

  1. First, we’ll schedule a consultation. During that time, we’ll discuss your goals. What color do you want your smile? What shape?
  2. Next, we’ll have to reshape the teeth. We need to file about a millimeter of enamel away so that the veneers can stick to your teeth.
  3. Then we take an impression so that the veneers achieve a perfect, seamless fit. You’ll receive temporary veneers to cover your teeth at this time. We send these impressions to a dental lab.
  4. After two to four weeks, your veneers return from the lab. We’ll clean your teeth and then apply an acidic material to their surface to make it easier to attach the veneers.
  5. Next, we’ll attach the veneer to the surface of your teeth using cement. After the veneers are bonded, we’ll remove any excess dried material.
  6. The last step is checking your bite. We want to make sure you’re happy with the look and feel of your new smile! Your veneers may feel odd at first, but you’ll grow used to them within a few days.
Caring for Your Veneers

You should treat your veneers as carefully as you do your natural teeth. Porcelain can still crack or break, so avoid chewing hard candy, biting your fingernails, or chomping on ice cubes.

Most importantly, continue to brush and floss your teeth. Cavities can still form beneath or around your veneers, putting your new smile at risk.

Discover Veneers from Center Valley Dental

Porcelain veneers are just one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer here at Center Valley Dental. If you’ve been hiding your smile, it’s time to discover the difference veneers can make. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality, comfortable care that will restore your oral health and confidence. Dental implants and CEREC crowns are also available.

We are only a short drive from Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. You can request an appointment with our team to learn more.