For patients struggling with dentures that slip, slide, and irritate their mouth, relief is available for this daily discomfort. Full-arch implants provide stability, security, and comfort to traditional denture treatments. Full-arch dental implants, which millions of Americans are turning to, offer the durability of dental implants alongside the comfort and convenience of dentures.

If your dentures don’t leave you smiling, consider full-arch implants.

Full-Arch Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

There are a few different names for full-arch implants, including all-on-4 implants, implant overdentures, or implant-supported dentures. While the name differs, the end goal is the same: to replace missing teeth with a secured and supported denture arch.

While conventional dentures float along the gum line, full-arch dental implants replace an entire arch of missing teeth (either the top or bottom row). Four to six dental implants anchor a permanent or removable denture. Full-arch implants look and feel like your natural teeth. And because they’re more stable than traditional dentures, they don’t slip or slide, making eating and speaking easier.

There are several differences between the two treatments. A full-arch restoration requires a slightly more invasive procedure than traditional dentures. The implant treatment takes a little longer and is more expensive than conventional dentures. However, full-arch implants are easy to clean, can be removable or permanent, and even restore the jaw bone by stimulating the jaw and preventing bone resorption after tooth loss. Plus, there are no messy adhesives!

The Full-Arch Implants Process

Getting a full-arch restoration is very similar to a single-implant procedure.

  1. First, all natural teeth on the top or bottom arch must be extracted to make room for the restoration.
  2. Following your tooth extraction, the implants are surgically placed. The total number of implants you need depends on whether you’re receive a permanent or removable restoration on your top or bottom arch.
    • A permanent solution: Requires six to eight implants to distribute stress amongst the implants equally.
    • A removable solution: The upper arch requires four implants with a ball overdenture or six implants with a bar overdenture. The lower arch requires two implants placed with a ball over-denture, three implants with a ball over-denture, or five implants with a bar over-denture.
  3. Temporary dentures are then attached to your implants while your mouth heals. Healing and recovery time usually takes three to six months. During this time, the implants and jaw will bond together.
  4. Once you’ve healed, a permanent denture replaces your temporary. This denture is created using acrylic materials and customized to look and feel like your natural teeth. If you have opted for a removable restoration, the denture will clip directly onto the implants.
Am I a Candidate for Full-Arch Implants?

A suitable candidate for full-arch implants is someone who has lost all (or nearly all) of their teeth on the top or bottom arch. Teeth damaged by decay may also require extractions.

Like any dental implant candidate, you must have sufficient jaw bone density to support the implant. However, if tooth loss or gum disease has weakened your jaw, supplemental treatments like bone grafts can help.

Finally, patients who smoke or struggle with diabetes may face a higher risk of implant failure due to issues when it comes to healing and osseointegration. During a consultation, your dentist can help you decide whether you are a candidate.

Discover Full-Arch Implants from Center Valley Dental

At Center Valley Dental, we’re proud to offer permanent and removable full-arch implants for the top or bottom arch. During the consultation process, our Center Valley dentists will review your oral health, take x-rays, and go over your budget to help decide on a treatment plan best for your needs and smile.

Are you tired of dentures that slip and slide? Of sores and irritation caused by removable dentures? Ready to eat your favorite foods and smile again? Full-arch implants from Center Valley Dental are the key to a fuller smile and a better quality of life. Contact us to request an appointment to learn more.