Lehigh Valley General Dentistry

When searching for a dental care provider, you want one that will fit your whole family, offering a variety of services that will be available as you and your loved ones get older. This way, your family gets the care they need and you save time and money without traveling to see different providers. You can find those general dentistry services here at Center Valley Dental! From hygiene cleanings and fluoride treatments for children to dental implants and cosmetic procedures for adults, we have a suite of services all under one roof in a warm, caring environment. 

We are committed to providing the Lehigh Valley general dentistry at an affordable price. We understand that every patient faces a unique situation and will make every possible attempt to accommodate your schedule, concerns, and financial needs.

What to Expect During Appointments

Hygiene visits always begin with diagnostics, such as an x-ray and a chat with our skilled hygienists. With these updated records, we can keep track of the conditions of your teeth and wisdom teeth and look for early signs of disease or oral cancer. Hygiene cleanings also entail polishing your smile to remove any early plaque buildup, also known as tartar. Finally, you’ll be able to speak one-on-one with your dentist about your oral health, ask any questions you have, and get tips on keeping up your oral hygiene at home.

General Dentistry Services for Adults

Our practice can provide a wide range of dental services to adult patients. Our emphasis is total preventive care, and this begins with regular hygiene visits, regular checkups, and continued home health routines. All treatment is designed with a focus on the unique needs and desires of each patient. Together we will reach the most pleasing, aesthetic, and functional result that will enhance your self-image.

Center Valley Dental also provides the highest-quality services for restoring mouths that have been damaged by dental disease or injury and require cosmetic dentistry. Services include crowns (including single-day CEREC crowns), dental implants, veneers, and bonding. No matter your need, our team will help you develop a treatment plan fit for your unique smile. Our primary goal for our patients is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health through advances in techniques and technologies.

adult patient getting teeth cleaned by dentist
Child at dentist

General Dentistry Services for Children

We recommend that children should visit our office by age 3. This allows our dentists to spot and correct potential problems early on while also providing an opportunity to teach your child good oral hygiene that will last a lifetime.

In addition to hygiene cleanings, we highly recommend fluoride and preventive resin restoration to ensure future dental health. Our trained hygienist can discuss these beneficial services with you.